Sundance 2016 Part Deux


09 Feb Sundance 2016 Part Deux

I typically don’t make the quick trip up to Park City during the festival unless I’m shooting an assignment for Salt Lake Magazine. The traffic is bad, the weather can be nasty, and the crowds are as obnoxious as humanly possible.

However, this year after I finished up at a red carpet, I ventured down to Main Street to meet up with some pals to wander around for a bit. It was snowing fat fluffy flakes, which made for some lovely photos of the gang.

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After some much needed lunch at Collie’s Sports Bar, we stumbled upon some shirtless arm wrestlers and then Rogue Wave (!!) performing on Main Street. We only caught the last couple songs of their set, but they sounded great.

I suppose with the right attitude, Sundance Film Festival isn’t so bad, after all. Lesson learned.

Rouge Wave @ Sundance
The Good Stuff @ Sundance
Rouge Wave @ Sundance
Park City, Utah
Rouge Wave @ Sundance
Rouge Wave @ Sundance