Blitzen Trapper at Snowbasin

27 Jul Blitzen Trapper at Snowbasin

I was pretty stoked when my brother told me a few months ago that he heard Blitzen Trapper was going to be playing up at Snowbasin in July. <Insert girly scream>. Since we follow each other on Instagram, I thought I’d reach out to these guys about photographing during the show, which is totally not like me to do. But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?

It was a gorgeous afternoon (not too hot + a sprinkle of rain) at the resort. BT played a great set, as usual. The boys had been on tour for a solid month prior to this show and Snowbasin was their last stop before heading back home to Oregon. The boys were sharp as ever — Eric could miss a note every now and again so we know he’s actually human — and the crowd was in full-tilt boogie mode, fueled by $7 craft beers in $30 commemorative Snowbasin mugs. At least my boyfriend certainly was.

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The westward breeze gave Eric’s sweet 70s-era pompadour-cum-mullet an extra 4 inches of lift. The rest of the band either didn’t notice his spectacular ‘do or was simply so jealous that they refused to mention it. It’s unclear if Marty’s ginge-fro was similarly affected by the wind.

I hung out backstage probably way longer than I should have and at one point, Michael (bassman) glanced at me, gave me the stink eye, and told me to go enjoy the rest of the show.

They’ll be back at The State Room in September, so get your tickets, folks. You don’t want to miss it.