Jude’s 4th Birthday Party

07 Sep Jude’s 4th Birthday Party

If the rules of the birthday party state that shoes aren’t allowed, it probably means you’re in for a good time.

I photographed the adorable Jude’s 4th birthday party at Gymnastics Training Center in Millcreek. If I could chase sweaty little munchkins around an enormous gym every day and take their photos, I absolutely would. Not only is it a good workout, it’s hilarious. Jude and his pals had non-stop fun, and I’m sure the parents of said children appreciated returning home with a kid ready for bed.

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Jude’s Wreck-It Ralph cake was a huge hit. I wandered into the kitchen several times to find a small pack of eager children staring at the multi-level marvel in anticipation.

Here’s to hoping I get invited back next year.