Salt Lake Magazine 2016 Farm-to-Table Cocktail Contest

28 Sep Salt Lake Magazine 2016 Farm-to-Table Cocktail Contest

Holy cow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog. Believe it or not this post has been in draft mode since late-September of 2016 (almost exactly the same time we started hiking every day). Way. Too. Busy.

Anyway, here are six of the — if I remember correctly — 20 shoots we did for Salt Lake Magazine’s cocktail contest last year. Ton of work but a ton of fun. It was great to meet so many outstanding bartenders working in the city and to taste so many creative cocktails. Pics & vids below.

“This is the Place Punch”
by Natalie Hamilton

“Street Corn Named Desire”
by Bijan Ghaia

Tin Angel
“The Gin Angel”
by Kestrel Liedtke

“Nibley Park”
by Scott Bramhall

“Francine the Bearded Lady 2.0”
by Richard Romney

Gibson Girl Lounge
“Crimson Spice”
by Michael Fayad

“Ruby Rabbit”
by Sean Woodward